No two treatment plant are the same. There is a wide variety of treatment processes used, pumps, controls, instrumentation, and equipment in order to provide the proper level of treatment required. PTL develops custom training programs that meet the needs of site-specific requirements.

In class instruction with detailed syllabus is the first step in preparing the staff. The in class training consists of teaching the subject matter in a way the provides feedback for staff to ask questions. Quizzes and chapter review tests afford the staff and instructor the ability to ensure the necessary training is being understood.

In field training builds on the classroom instruction by putting their understanding into practice. This is done by developing core competency standards that can be used to confirm that the staff is proficient. Core competency standards are also useful tool to use a refresher training.

These core competency standards are also written to set minimum standards for each level of the knowledge, skills, and abilities to advance in the over operation of the treatment plant.

The training includes a step by step process in understanding wastewater math. Starting at the basic level required to preform simple wastewater math calculations to setting up process control equations and chemical dosing requirements.