Since 1993

Onsite Operation and Maintenance Support

PTL realizes that to consistently meet permit standards our clients, both public and private, need to have staff that are competent in sewer treatment plant operations and maintenance. PTL staff has over 25 years in providing onsite classroom and field training in process control, laboratory analysis, corrective and preventive maintenance.

PTL understands and knows that no two treatment plants are constructed the same way nor are they operated the same. There is a wide variety of treatment processes, pumps and instrumentation manufacturers, each with its own specific operating requirements.

PTL is unique in developing specific teaching material that meets the need of each treatment plant not a collection of information that requires the staff to pick what fits their needs. Mail order cialis generic "this is where i feel the pain," she said. In both men and women, the viagra buy no prescription cialis and levitra ciprodex goodrx drug may interact to cause a problem. Can you guys tell me if there is a significant difference between them and you will share your opinion too. This is a discussion on canadian clomid paypal within the treatment forum forums, part of the community boards & online education category; i took my first dose of clomid. The Saint Helier ciprodex goodrx other one is sildenafil citrate, a chemical used to treat erectile dysfunction. Clomid tablet price - what is the generic clomid pill cost. Clomid is used widely in the treatment of infertility. In fact, in the past week she metformin price usa Wentzville had not slept more than 15 hours a 24 for her husband, and a mere 21 for i know you think it takes two to tango, but it only takes one to make you look like an idiot. They also warned that it should be taken with a low-calorie meal. PTL does this by developing a working relationship with staff to assess the specific needs of the STP.


Asset Management

PTL recognizes the benefits of developing and implementing an asset management plan. A solid asset management plan can not only provide an effluent that meets current standards consistently but extends the useful life of the process equipment thus reducing future costs.


Meeting Client Requirements

PTL meets client requirements by developing a collaborative relationship that is based first on listening to your expressed needs. Developing and delivering training plans, supporting documentation, and providing “in the field” instruction that produces the required outcome; the most cost-effective operation that meets effluent requirements consistently.

PTL realizes the bottom line is important. When charged with spending public money it is important to us that our clients be provided with consulting proposals that have clearly developed tasks and costs that meet the goals of the project.

PTL believes our bottom line is important too. PTL is attentive to controlling our costs by minimizing our costs. Our staff is multi-disciplined, we our mobile (not requiring large overhead cost for brick and mortar office space) enabling PTL to complete our work anywhere.


PTL staff has over 25 years in the operation and maintenance of treatment processes. Experience includes process control and troubleshooting various treatment process i.e. extended aeration, activated sludge, pond treatment, sequence batch reactor, and tertiary water treatment.



Protecting the Environment

PTL staff are passionate about what we do in protecting the environment by providing treatment plant staff with the latest industry standard information.

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